Above- Andrea Carron & Stef Nadeau, Stef and Aaron, Aaron with shovel

Right- Pike River Ribbon Cutting- Dr. Tim Ehlinger, Alice and Kristen Belen (RA Smith National), Carissa Anich and Aaron in Milwaukee Harbor

​About Us

Thompson and Associates Wetland Services, LLC. is specialized to provide environmental assistance on wetland and water related projects. As wetland ecologists, we provide services including wetland delineation, restoration, management, and wetland fill permits. We follow projects from the conception and plan to overseeing construction, monitoring and management. We assist clients to resolve regulatory issues particularly the remediation of illegal fill. We also provide environmental screening for utility projects. Thompson and Nadeau are WDNR Certified Reviewers for the Natural Heritage Inventory- the inventory of protected plants and animals in the state.

Thompson and Associates brings an ecological focus and real world experience to challenging projects and is dedicated to advancing the science and art of wetland restoration. We have restored wetlands and planned and implemented the planting of native vegetation in the multi staged Pike River corridor restoration for the Village of Mt. Pleasant, one of the largest river restoration projects in the Midwest. We routinely restore wetlands often in highly charged regulatory situations.

 We work throughout Wisconsin and have an ancillary office in Upper Peninsula Michigan.

​​Thompson & Associates Wetland Services

1514 Menomonee Ave, South Milwaukee, WI 53172

Phone: 414.571.8383

Above and right- Alice Thompson

Below, Rochelle Connor & Aaron Menke, Andrea Carron, Pike River team: Danielle Tesar, Andy McGuire, Carissa Anich, Aaron Menke